Professional Staffing Services

Let us take the stress out of staffing!

Action Total Staffing delivers flexible staffing solutions using qualified employees. We comb through resumes and conduct thorough interviews in order to put together a pool of qualified candidates. You can trust that you’re getting the best staffing services.

Benefits of having personnel from a Staffing Service

Our qualified candidates can fill short-term or long-term gaps in your day-to-day operations due to:

  • Full-time employees taking medical leave.
  • Employees taking vacations when day-to-day operations require a full work force
  • Seasonal periods that bring increased workloads for an expected amount of time
  • Increases in workload due to the staffing needs of a growing company
  • Cost Effectiveness: ATS pays for all advertising, recruiting, interviewing and preliminary screening such as skills testing and reference checking. ATS also takes responsibility for any issues that occur during the temporary employment period and any post employment administrative tasks. This allows your HR professionals to focus on their roles as it relates to your permanent workforce.

Our professional candidates are prepared to work effectively in a variety of roles.

Find qualified candidates from our Talent Pool

ATS can provide a variety of professional candidates to help businesses for project work on a temporary basis, filling in for all types of absences, and we offer direct permanent hire.

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